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Why choose MWOS and Xerox?

We are partners with the best in the business, Xerox.


Mountain West has been serving Montana for over 25 years. We pride ourselves in providing industry leading document solutions and printing hardware in our local community. If there is a solution that will either increase productivity or reduce your costs and man hours we will find it. We are experts in identifying potential bottlenecks and redunancies in large and small office environments. Not only can we identify these issues, but our team will work together to find solutions and the most efficient way to implement the changes.


Xerox is the founder of printing technology and has since been the industry leader in image quality, automations, and customer service. Our partnership with Xerox allows us to offer the best office and production solutions on the market. We have a large and diverse product portfolio allowing us to provide excellent recommendations and services to businesses large and small. Our products aren't limited to just printing devices, we offer software solutions that help organizations automate workflows that allow staff to focus on core business.

To help drive productivity, efficiency, and results by providing industry leading solutions to the market place. Always strive to maintain the business relationships we hold through excellent customer service, and keeping the customers best interest at heart. Preserve the Xerox and MWOS brand by engineering solutions that dictate smart workflows, quality output, and cost effectiveness.
Xerox is the founder of printing technology but this isn't enough to stay ahead of competition. So how does Xerox continually produce award winning product? The answer: Research and Development. On average Xerox budgets just over 1 Billion dollars for chemists, engineers, and data scientists to experiment and find ways to better their products. This is why you can never go wrong when choosing Xerox. We are proud to be a partner of a global leader in document solutions.

What can MWOS and Xerox do for your business?

Printing products, document solutions, service programs, web solutions, and more..